The following prices are valid as of January 2019


Stationary for Weddings + Special Events

Place Cards

Starting at $1.75 each

Escort Cards

Starting at $2.75 each for up to two names or one family, plus table number

Table Numbers

Starting at $4.50 each for numerals (ex: 1, 2, 3)

Starting at $6.00 each for numbers written as words (ex: Table 1 or Table One)



Seating Charts + Signage

Seating Charts

Seating chart base price starting at $150

Names starting at $1.75 per guest

Table numbers starting at $1.75 per table

Signage - Welcome, Quotes, Menus, Programs, Etc.

Prices depend on square footage of the surface, text, and illustrations, if any.

Signage starting at $75

Hand Painted Backdrops + Non-Traditional Surfaces

Surfaces such as canvas, cotton, vinyl, leather, glass, leaves, ceramic, agate, shells, stone, etc. are so unique and vary in texture - please contact for a custom quote.



Invitations + Envelope Addressing


Monogram design starting at $60

Logo design starting at $150

Addressing A Standard Envelope - Size A7, 4 lines (name, address, city/province, postal code)

Starting at $4.25 each for guest’s address

Starting at $3.50 each for return address

Centred addressing add $1.50 each

Return envelope addressing (for guests to return their RSVPs) starting at $3.50 each depending on size



Leather + Denim Jacket

Mr. or Mrs. jacket starting at $200

Custom painted jacket starting at $300



Corporate Brand Signage

Signage starting at $125





3 days: $55
5 days: $85


Starting at $35 for 3 days, please refer to Rentals page

Card Boxes

3 days: $35
5 days: $55



Shipping, Delivery, Rush Fees + Travel

Shipping fees not included and prices will vary based on courier. All orders will have a tracking number unless otherwise specified. Large signage will not be shipped due to its size and fragility.

Pickup for local orders only (Ottawa, ON). Orders requiring delivery within the city are subject to an additional fee of $15.

Custom orders requiring 30 days or less turnaround time will incur a rush fee of an additional 25% of the total cost of the project, and orders placed within 14 days will incur an additional 30%.

Custom projects requiring on-site work are subject to a travel fee.



The prices listed above are for calligraphy services only and serve as a starting point since each custom project will vary. Clients are to supply surface material or they can be sourced for an additional fee. Additional costs may apply for specialty paper, ink, non-traditional surfaces, post-printing work, etc.